The aims of the Centre
The date of foundation
The legal status of the Centre
Equipment and subsidiaries
The sources of finances
The information of the leader of the Centre
The information of the training activities
Cooperative institutions


1. The aims of the Centre

The Education In-service Training Centre in Starachowice is a non public institution of teachers' improvement with a national range.
The Centre was founded to support the development of the system of constant instructing of teachers and educational supervising staff, and to run the activities which are supposed to instruct the adults.
The Centre accomplishes its aims through dealing with such tasks as:

  1. Arranging and leading, in different forms, the moile education in instructing the teachers, administration staff of schools and other people.
  2. Arranging and leading constant instructing for the headmasters and workers of the supervising organs in of managing education.
  3. Arranging the activities for the teachers' development and professional promotion.
  4. Arranging different forms of co-operating and exchanging experiences.
  5. Running activities which support the institutionalization of the reform of education and spreading the psychological, methodological and pedagogical knowledge.
  6. Completing the tasks commited by the supervising organs or other institutions.
  7. Cooperation with partners from other parts of the country and also with partners from abroad in the fields of constant instructing.

2. The date of foundation.

The Education In-service Training Centre in Starachowice was established on 20 February 2002.

3. The legal status of the Centre.

The Teachers' Staff Education Training Centre in Starachowice was entered in a register of the non public institutions for improving teachers' knowledge with a number of KO II - 445/2/2002. The decision was taken by the Kurator in Kielce on 20 February 2002.
An appropriate envolement was entered in the register of the economy led by the President of Starachowice on 18 March 2002 with the number of 10297/2002.
The Centre is registered in the National Register of the Subjects of National Economy with the identification number of REGON: 292630826 granted by the Department of Statistics in Kielce in 2 March 2002.

4. Equipment and subsidiaries.

Education In-service Training Centre in Starachowice is based in Hotel "Senator" in Krywki Street 18.
The Centre as the subject of agreement between the Hotel "Senator" and TSETC may use the full: accomodation, food services and didactic rooms.
The rich history, numerous monuments of culture, literary traditions, captivating landscapes, fresh air of the Swietokrzyskie woods constitue the scenery of the Swietokrzyski region.
The Hotel "Senator" -Conference Centre is equipped with the 107 hotel rooms and 107 rooms offering 191 lodgings. Each room contains: bathroom, tv, telephone. Guests are also provided with the access to internet connections.
10 professionally equipped conference rooms the total area of which is 850m2 ( from 20m2 to 350m2), professional conference equippment, restaurant for about 300 people, night club, swimming pool, hair dresser, patio - make the hotel an attractive place for arranging conferences, seminaries, symposias
For organized groups the Hotel offers high discounts.
The Hotel co-operates with a number of companies :Fundacja na Rzecz Polskich Zwiazkow Kredytowych, Incominng Travel Tour Mazurkas Travel, Schering A.G., Makaruk- Harton Ekspedycje, Biuro Obsługi Kongresów i Konferencji "Horizon Travel", Teachers' Staff Education Training Centre We organize conferences for many companies: Schering A.G., Atlantic-Techniki Grzewcze, Ciech-Stomil, Gaspol, Stowarzyszenie Producentów Cementu i Wapna, Prekon, Star-Trucks, Towarzystwo Finansowe Allfinanz, Allianz.

5. The sources of finances.

Financial means for the Centre's activities are as follows:
6. Information of the Center's leader.

Name and surname Edward Zlobecki
Profession: Teacher, Educator, Moderator
Date of Birth: 1948/11/04

Key Qualifications:

Very good knowledge of the school environment. School Director in 1987 - 2001 in Starachowice. Good organisational and managearial skills. In 1990 founded and organised High School in Starachowice and was the director until 2001. Wide practical experience with the co-operation between school,teachers and parents.
Close co-operation with OSI CT in organising courses in Kieleckie voivodship (since 1997)



Employment Record:

Date: 1990- 2001
Location: Starachowice
Company:III Kamil Baczynski High School
Implementing of the innovative learning methods, authorised teaching programms, implementing IT into learning of different courses. Co-operation with the schools in Bremen - Germany and Skovde - Sweden.
Founding, with co-operation with teachers, pupils, parents and local authorities of the "Association of Friends of the III High School in Starachowice".

II. The information of the training activities.

Education In-service Training Centre in Starachowice offers:
III. Cooperative institutions.

Education In-service Training Centre in Starachowice is currently cooperating with the High School of Management of Regional Economy and Tourism in Kielce. These two institutions signed an agreement for cooperation on March 11 th 2002 based on as follows:
  1. The High School of Management of Regional Economy and Tourism in Kielce essentially supervises and takes care of the activities of Education In-service Training Centre in Starachowice.
  2. The two above mentioned institutions organize in common: varied improvement, education and self-education forms for teachers.
  3. They mutually promote various activities to be organized.
  4. Organization of other forms of cooperation concerning the needs of both institutions.